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Pal Lab

Pal Lab

About the Lab


The Pal Lab, led by Dr. Anamitra Pal, is in the ASU School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering. The lab does fundamental as well as applied research in the power and energy domain.


Active research topics:


  • Wide-area Monitoring, Protection, and Control
  • Energy Modeling and Smart Grids
  • Inter-Dependency Analysis of Critical Infrastructures

Latest News

Summer 2019 internships

Reetam Sen Biswas worked as a summer intern at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, CO from 20 May 2019 to 16 Aug 2019. He worked on power system dynamic studies in softwares like PSLF and PSS/E. He worked with the NREL researchers to develop a 240-bus model of the Western Interconnection that has the generation resource mix of 2018 and benchmarked it against real frequency events from field measurements. Reetam also worked on developing large scale high renewable penetration simulation cases of the Western Interconnection with more than 20,000+ electrical nodes and helped to perform dynamic contingency analysis on the cases to analyze the power system behavior.

Behrouz interned at New York Independent System Operator (NYISO). He worked in the system modeling group. He mainly worked on PSSE/Python API to automate the data screening process. Also, he developed a python program for behind the meter PV integration for New York State bulk power system.

Malhar worked as a summer intern at Quanta Technologies, California. The work primarily involved carrying out vulnerability assessment studies and the development of a unified vulnerability index for key substations of a major US utility company. Another project involved carrying out extensive Electromagnetic Field Effects studies prior to the construction of 500 kV and 220 kV double-circuit transmission lines in Australia.

Anamitra Pal awarded 2019 Outstanding IEEE Young Professional Award

IEEE Phoenix Section awards Prof. Pal in recognition “For Outstanding Education and Research Contributions to Critical Infrastructures and Network Security for Electric Power Systems”.

Anubhav lands in EPG

Anubhav Nath joins Electric Power Group, LLC, in Pasadena, CA as a Software Development Engineer,.

Anamitra awarded 2018 Young CRITIS Award

Anamitra has been awarded the Young CRITIS Award 2018 for his valuable contributions to the field of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP).

Prashanth lands in ETAP

Prashanth Kumar Mansani joins Electrical Power System Analysis & Operation Software in Irvine, CA as a Power Engineer.

Meghna lands in CAISO

Meghna Barkakati joins California Independent System Operator as a Business Analyst.

Summer 2018 internships

Malhar worked as a Research Aide at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) in the summer of 2018. His primary work  was on the modeling and simulation of hydropower and pumped-storage hydropower (PSH) plants to analyze their value for the power grid. This involved the integration of variable renewables and modeling of power system operations.

Reetam interned at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). He worked on power system stability analysis in a renewable-rich system, in particular, wind integration. Modeling of high renewable penetration and stability threshold identification was the core components of his research. 

Anubhav worked as a Software Developer Intern at Electric Power Group (EPG). His primary focus area was to develop rich web pages for EPG’s synchrophasor based data platform.

Prashanth interned at Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). His main area of work was to develop a PSLF tool to determine the renewable energy hosting capacity of a transmission system, without any upgrades while using EPCL scripting.

Reetam awarded Atluri Award

IEEE Phoenix Section Awards Committee selected Reetam Sen Biswas to receive the Atluri award for the year 2018.

Meghna awarded Dieter Schroder Student Scholarship

IEEE Phoenix Section Awards Committee selected Meghna Barkakati to receive the Dieter Schroder Student Scholarship for the year 2018.

Ngoni awarded Rhodes Scholarship

Ngoni Mugwisi, an undergraduate at ASU from Zimbabwe, who did his senior design project with Prof. Pal, has been awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. This scholarship will enable him to pursue his Master’s degree at Oxford University (UK) from Fall 2017. Ngoni is ASU’s first Rhodes Scholar since 2001.

Tamojit lands in Siemens PTI

Tamojit Chakraborty joined Siemens PTI in the position Power Systems Dynamics Modelling.

 Meghna interns at California ISO, Folsom

Meghna Barkakati worked as a summer engineer intern at California ISO  and was responsible for assessing system impacts and formulation of business requirements for energy market-related software enhancements and policy initiatives.

Reetam’s paper won the 3rd best paper award

Reetam’s conference paper entitled, “A robust techno-economic analysis of PMU based islanding detection schemes”, won the Third-Best Paper award in the 2017 IEEE Texas Power and Energy Conference.